Feedback for The Handmaiden:

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The plot twists were good. Otherwise I'm not really sure what the point of the film was. Maybe the director enjoys girl on girl action!
Great - can't wait to get home!
Despite its length I found this film engrossing & quite beautiful. Possibly the sexiest film I've ever seen but loved the story & the twist.
Superb music, acoustics, plot, location, acting, everything!
Kept attention all through - even though it was so long. Well worth it!
Short was perfect! Beautiful film, great plot, kept me guessing. Looking forward to Parasite.
Very unusual. Very erotic but very entertaining.
Very appropriate short film. Main film was superb. Very well acted - good story line for an erotic film. Joining the classics I would like to see again.
Very grown up!! Learned how lesbians make love! No, really, it was violent, clever and in many ways beautiful. So glad that they got away with it. So happy ending J Exquisite
Clever and captivating. I loved how the story was told in 3 parts, with scenes revisited through the lens of new revelations!
Smart & deceptive
Beautifully filmed but the underlying cruelty neutralised it. Very clever plot that kept you on the edge of your seat. A unique experience visually.
Sumptuous yet confusing - at times like the book. Well filmed & acted i.e. v. good cinematography but in the end I didn't care about any of them (as when I read the book). Appreciated the humourous elements but too long.
Absolutely loved the short film!! Main film - wasn't what I was expecting, good twist, did not feel like over 2 hours.
A triple bluff sets Fleet alight. Beautiful, funny, naughty.
Really surprising! Fabulous film.
Was very different and artistic. I didn't know what to make of it until the end. A bit long but enjoyable.