2019 Korea, Republic of

Screening: 11th October 2021

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This 2020 Academy Award winner is a black comedy featuring the devious and desperate Kim family who manage to bluff their way into the lives of a much more affluent family. Played by a flawless ensemble cast, this movie will get under your skin. Beautiful and moving, but some violence towards the end.

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I've seen this film twice now, and both times it was captivating.
Whille I thought the film/story was ok I wouldn't put it my top 10 of all time and would not be too willing to watch it again. It was a well put together story and left a bit thought for what was real and what was imagined at the end. Not a favourite for me. On a general note I'd like to see some more encouragement for mask wearing in the hall, and if possible a slightly lower room temperature.