Constitution of Fleet Film Society

Adopted at a foundation committee meeting held on March 31st 2014.

  1. Name
  2. The Society shall be known as Fleet Film Society, referred to herein as the Society.

  3. Objects
  4. The Objects of the society are as follows:

    1. to advance the education of the public in the knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the art of classic & contemporary film of all genres and by so doing enhance the arts and cultural provision of the community.
    2. to promote the study and appreciation of film by means of screenings, lectures, discussions, exhibitions and related activities.
    3. to present films that cannot be seen in local commercial cinemas. Most of these films will be foreign and therefore sub-titled, and will offer an insight into cultures other than our own.

  5. Area of Benefit
  6. The Society will benefit the inhabitants of Fleet and surrounding areas.

  7. Membership
    1. Membership of the Society is open, subject to a limit on total membership, to any interested person over the age of 16 on payment of the current fee. Total membership is governed by the seating capacity of the screening venue.
    2. Members may purchase guest tickets for individual screenings, subject to availability of space and within limits determined by the Committee. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

  8. Management
    1. The Society shall be run by a Committee comprising the elected officers and co-opted members.
    2. Only elected officers may vote on core Society business.
    3. The following office bearers are required to be elected to the Committee from amongst the membership:
      • Chair
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
    4. The quorum for Committee Meetings shall be 4.
    5. The Committee shall meet at least 3 times in the Society Year. The Society Year runs from 1st November to 31st October.
    6. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 2 months of the end of a Society Year for the purposes of approving the Society's accounts and of electing or re-electing Committee Members.
    7. A Special Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or upon written request being made to the Committee signed by at least 15 members.
    8. The quorum for the AGM or Special meeting shall be 20 members.
    9. Committee Members shall be elected at the Society's AGM or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.
    10. The Committee may at any time co-opt additional Committee members for the remainder of the current Society Year.

  9. Policy
  10. The Society shall not espouse the cause of any political, religious or sectional interest. Membership of the Society will be encouraged from all sections of the community irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or religious conviction.

  11. Finance
    1. The Society's funds shall be used only in the furtherance of the Society's object. Any balance of funds at the end of a Society Year shall be carried over to the next Society Year.
    2. The Society shall not be run for the private profit of any member.
    3. No member shall receive payment directly or indirectly for their services or for anything other than legitimate expenses incurred in running the Society.

  12. Dissolution
    1. The Society shall not be wound up except by a resolution of two thirds of those present at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.
    2. In the event of such winding up, debts will be paid and assets realised where possible. Any remaining money will be donated to a charity of the Society's choice.

  13. Amendment
  14. Any amendment to this Constitution will require the support of two-thirds of the members present at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting.